Why create your own blockchain?

Answer: We simply wanted to create a meta-system that can tie together all current and future systems.

A meta-system is a framework to describe how other systems are connected. For example, the constitution of the United States is a meta-system that governs the behavior of its citizens via code of laws.

We created our own blockchain because we wanted to (1) establish rules, (2) take advantage of the core elements of blockchain architecture, (3) create trust, and (4) establish a framework for new data-driven business models.

Establish Rules

Our platform will have 4 rules and they coincide with the components of the law of identity as proposed by Cameron. i

· User Control – the platform for our identity systems can only reveal information with the user’s consent.

· Minimal Disclosure – our platform contains the least amount of identifying information.

· Justifiable Parties – our platform is designed so that justifiable parties have access

· Simple user experience – our platform is simple to use where a user can see what is happening so they can add, delete, select, and share.

Incorporating these four rules into a larger framework would complete Cameron’s Laws of Identity – identity meta-system of the Internet.

Blockchain Core Elements

Blockchain technology core elements have the potential to make sharing data easier, while maintaining the integrity of the data. Our blockchain is immutable, irrefutable, decentralized with rigorous privacy and security capabilities.

Build Trust

Our blockchain platform will allow people who have no particular confidence in each other to collaborate.

New Data Driven Business Models

Every day, we reveal personal information and our behaviors online so that others can monetize. Facebook made $9.16 Billion in Ad Revenue in the second quarter of 2017 as it collects daily data on 1.32 billion active users.ii What was your share?

Our platform will allow you to control and disclose parts of your data to companies in return for specific benefits.

We want to ensure that every user can (1) transition from a physical identity to a digital identity; (2) learn and understand the benefits of using the blockchain; (3) securely and confidently transact online (4) be in control of his/her personal data and identity and (5) profit from the monetization of your data.

i. http://www.identityblog.com/wp-content/images/2009/06/laws.html

ii. http://www.adweek.com/digital/facebook-raked-in-9-16-billion-in-ad-revenue-in-the-second-quarter-of-2017/

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