The Users Revolt: Introducing a New, Private Blockchain for Digital ID

We are longtime users of a broken system, an online system in which all of our personal data is scattered around the Internet. It’s time to fix what’s broken.

A former accountant and medical records executive, we have built our own blockchain to put users back in control of their online identities. Today we’re pleased to introduce our company Secure Identity Ledger Corporation and our blockchain My Secure Ledger. We are the first digital ID system for every person, business and machine.

Blockchain technology offers for the first time during the computer revolution the opportunity for users to demand control of their personal data. We aim to disrupt a broken system of which we’ve been users and lessen the consumer and business burden of cyberattacks.

These are bold claims, we know. But we have the Blockchain; we have the software; and we are building apps that will compel consumers to engage and demand these services from their banks, governments and retailers. Governments and businesses have been the early adopters driving development of blockchain technologies, but consumers stand to benefit the most.

Equifax is just latest and one of the most brutal examples of the new norm: breaking news hitting our feeds that sends the world into a panic when hackers get through the firewall. These threats will only increase. The power is now in the hands of consumers, who can protect themselves from such breaches with One Digital ID on the blockchain. My Secure Ledger is simple to use – you don’t need to reuse passwords, you don’t have to repeatedly give out your social security number and all your data is stored where no one can read it– including us. Users can upload any information to the blockchain knowing that the information is cryptographically secure, unalterable, and irrefutable. Think of our blockchain as your personal ‘witness’ in the digital world.

We invite you to check out this video that shows the My Secure Ledger Blockchain in action. And, please sign up for updates, as we prepare for our upcoming Token Sale.

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